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The Kupala State State University will host an Olympiad, according to the results of which it will be possible to become a university student without entrance tests.

"The Kupala State State University will host the University Olympiad for the first time, the winners and prize-winners of which will be able to enter the university in 2023 without entrance tests. There are two stages. The first correspondence course starts on November 21 and will last until December 16. In February, the full-time (final) stage will take place, which will determine the best of the best," the university said.

Registration for the Olympiad will be open on November 10. Only 11th grade students can become its participants. According to the results of two rounds of the competition, diploma holders of I, II, III degrees will be determined. They will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to become a student of Kupala University without entrance tests. Thus, it will be possible to enroll in 17 of the 54 specialties.

The University Olympiad includes specialized Olympiads in 6 academic subjects: biology, history of Belarus, Russian language and literature, Belarusian language and literature, mathematics and physics.

Detailed information about the Olympiad is available on the abit in the section "Multidisciplinary Olympiad of GrSU named after Yankee Kupala". The procedure for conducting university Olympiads, the list of universities and specialties for enrollment without entrance tests are determined by the decree of the Ministry of Education No. 264 of 12.08.2022.

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