At the Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining (Fpcp) of educational Personnel
FPKiP works according to the Plan of professional development and retraining of personnel on a budgetary basis. Additionally, paid educational services can be provided at the request of individuals and legal entities.

The plan of professional development, retraining of education personnel in 2022.

An approximate list of PC and PP topics for 2023.


We invite you to study:

Pedagogical specialist’s activity.

Psyhology of family relations.

Fundamentals of interactive and heuristic psychology and pedagogy.

Safety of the educational environment and subjects of education.

Fundamentals of intellectual property management and patent information search.

Implementation of a practice-oriented approach in the training of competent specialists by means of information technologies.

Innovative and methodological support for the implementation of standards and training programs of a new generation of higher education.

Digital technologies in the practice of teaching natural science disciplines.

Intelligent technologies in digital education.

Information and educational environment of controlled independent work of students.

Lecture in a modern institution of higher education: models of designing and implementing educational material in the educational process.

Design and implementation of innovative educational technologies in higher education institutions.

Implementation of case technology in the system of practice-oriented training of specialists.

Models, technologies and methods of teaching at the University.

Implementation of models of independent work of students in the conditions of digitalization of education.

University 3.0: design, evaluation and diagnostics of learning outcomes.


Certification Testing in Russian as a Foreign Language

Certification Testing in Belarusian as a Foreign Language