On December 5, a round table was held on the basis of BSUIR: "Creating conditions for the development of comprehensive mutually beneficial relations with foreign graduates of Belarusian (Soviet) universities in various countries of the world."

The event was organized by the International Association of University Graduates. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

Among the topics under consideration: "The role of the International Association of University Graduates in popularizing Belarusian higher education and dynamic mutually beneficial cooperation between countries", "The most important tasks of the University are strengthening interstate cooperation, increasing the efficiency of economic and trade relations, exchanges in the field of culture, education and sports", etc.

The education system in our country has a high reputation and is always open to talented young people regardless of nationality. The wide representation of the countries at the round table is another evidence of the international authority of the Belarusian and Soviet higher education.

Graduates of Belarusian universities, returning to their homeland, successfully work in responsible positions in various spheres of economy, production, and really confirm the high level and quality of Belarusian education.

In this regard, of course, an important role is played by the International Association of Graduates of Higher Educational Institutions, which carries out serious information work, bringing truthful information about modern Belarus, its economic and spiritual potential, about the content of the domestic and foreign policy of the country.

MAVVUZ actively participates in the global alumni movement. Branches of the University of Higher Education have been established and are successfully operating in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, etc.

Tens of thousands of foreign graduates of Soviet and Belarusian universities, being the core of the national, scientific, technical and cultural intelligentsia, today occupy high positions and actively participate in solving socio-economic problems in their countries.

A lot of graduates of Belarusian universities decided to stay in the Republic of Belarus after graduation. They work in various fields: education, culture, science, tourism, healthcare, economics, construction, etc. Many already have their own families and connect their lives with Belarus.

First Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus Irina Starovoitova, speaking at the round table, noted that today it is more important than ever to combine the efforts of state and public structures to consolidate society and create favorable conditions for socio-economic development.

"If in 2010 we had about ten thousand foreign students, now it is three times more. This imposes an even greater responsibility on the education system for accompanying foreign students," stressed I.A. Starovoitova. – I am sure that maintaining ties with foreign graduates, with their national associations will continue to be the subject of constant concern of Belarusian universities and a priority direction of their international activities."

The participants of the round table discussed in detail the specifics and problematic issues of admission of foreign citizens to study in Belarusian higher education institutions, the conditions of their stay and the possibility of further employment in Belarus. A number of proposals were made by representatives of foreign students and graduates (from the creation of a special mobile application for job search to the holding of a large-scale holiday Navruz at the interuniversity level).

Representatives of the University expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the comprehensive support and expressed hope for further development of cooperation.

A source:https://edu.gov.by/news/inostrannye-vypuskniki-belorusskikh-vuzov-ne-teryayut-svyaz-s-belarusyu/