The A.D. Sakharov International State Ecological Institute of BSU has improved its result in the UI GreenMetric 2022 environmental rating. The Institute has risen to 103 positions, becoming the first among Belarusian universities.

The Institute is ranked 679th out of 1050 ranked educational institutions in 85 countries. Since 2020, the MGEI has been showing positive dynamics. So, in 2020, the institute occupied 796 lines, and in 2021 - 782. Grodno State University is also located at the 680th position. Yankee Kupala.

The rating is updated annually by the International Rating Agency GreenMetric (Indonesia) to assess the involvement of universities in the development of green infrastructure. In particular, the analysis is carried out according to six criteria: environment and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste, transport, water, education and research. Energy consumption and savings, rational use of water resources, waste storage and recycling, the quality of landscaping, the availability of vehicles, the number of published scientific papers on environmental issues and academic disciplines related to sustainable development are taken into account.

The top three in the ranking were Wageningen University (Netherlands), Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University (UK). 52 universities are represented among Russian universities. The best positions in the ranking were taken by the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (26), the Siberian Federal University (78) and the Baltic Federal University. Kant (144). Representation in the rating allows participants to exchange practical experience in implementing sustainable development programs, take part in scientific events organized by the International Agency GreenMetric.

The international rating agency GreenMetric was established in 2010 on the initiative of the Indonesian University to attract the attention of the academic community to environmental problems. The rating uses the concept of environmental sustainability, which includes economic, social and environmental elements. Economic implies reasonable consumption, social implies education and social involvement, and environmental implies control and pollution reduction.

The number of countries participating in the rating is growing every year and the geography is expanding. So, in 2017, 619 universities from 76 countries were ranked, in 2020 - 912 universities from 84 countries, in 2021 - 956 from 80 countries, and in 2022 - 1050 universities from 85 countries.

Source: https://www.belta.by/society/view/mezhdunarodnyj-ekologicheskij-institut-bgu-uluchshil-svoi-pozitsii-v-rejtinge-ui-greenmetric-540518-2022/